Oca 14, 2020

In fact, it was a screenwriter: Year 2020. In its simplest form, Donus into the Future …

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Aslinda seneryo suydu: Sene 2020. En basit haliyle Gelecege Donus ucan arabasini…

Actually, it was the year of the year: 2020. In its simplest form, Tom Cruise's Tomorrow gloves in the Minority Report, where the car is flying back to the future, will turn our name in the mirror. Not happened yet. As we always know and love, we have prepared a list of science fiction and fantasy films of the new year this year. Plenty of books and comic book adaptations with a very interesting scenarios full of 2020 films full of links in the profile must read, share, share, share, debate, curiosity, wake up

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